Fly the Friendly Skies of MD

We were recently in Bethany Beach, DE and met a schoolteacher who raised butterflies and had a patch of milkweed where butterflies lay their eggs.  The monarch population has declined on the east coast due to the lack of milkweed plants - the only plant a monarch will eat or lay eggs on.  After speaking with her for a few minutes, she encouraged us to try to raise our own monarch and sent us home with a butterfly egg on a piece of milkweed. 
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Oil & Water.....Plastic & the Bay

Plastic and the Bay is just like oil and water....they don't mix.
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Oyster Restoration

Just one look was all it took to convince us that helping to restore the oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay was worthwhile to the environmental health of the bay.  Watch how quickly oysters filter the water in this aquarium:

In Colonial times, the oyster population was so large that the bay was filtered every few days.  Today there is only 1% of the original oyster population.

What can you do to help?  Recycle your oyster shells.  Keep litter off the roads so that the trash doesn't clog the storm drains and get into the waterways.  If you have a dock, planting oysters on your dock helps to create a reef.

For every $1 contributed to Oyster Recovery Partnership, 100 oysters are planted in an oyster reef. 

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation plants native oysters, underwater grasses, and trees to filter the water.

We will help too.  Fish Outa Water contributes a portion of proceeds for our beautiful Maryland Oyster and Blue Crab magnets to oyster restoration along the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Coast.  Help keep our waters filtered and clean.

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