Only 12% of plastic gets recycled....a staggering statistic given all the recycled collection containers at every restaurant, campus, hospital, office building, and public place.  It takes up to 1000 years to decompose plastic and much of it ends up in storm drains or downstream into the Bay or the ocean.

Marine animals are eating plastic or getting caught up in it, endangering their lives, reproductive health and more.  You can help immediately in several easy steps to lessen your reliance on plastic and improve the waterways for the marine life:
  • Use recyclable grocery bags.
  • Stop using plastic straws
  • Shop in bulk (cut down on packaging)
  • Use filtered water and bring your own water bottle
  • Consider food storage alternatives to plastic (glass, cardboard)
Helping to cut down on the amount of plastic will have a direct, positive, impact on our waterways and marine wildlife.  Start today!